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Doug Stamm

Aquatic biologist turned professional underwater / outdoor photographer, Doug Stamm started his original stock photo agency ProPhoto in 1984. With the advent and ease of online image review, ProPhoto has evolved into – a stock photo agency that illustrates most aspects of the art and science of sport fishing in books and magazines across North America. is best known for action close-ups of fighting game fish and attractive scenes of people fishing lakes, streams and rivers. In 2004, classic American hunting scenes of fine guns, game and bird dogs were added to’s growing inventory of award winning photography.’s additional file of underwater natural history photography includes rare and authentic studio images of a variety of freshwater inhabitants including fishes (game fish and otherwise), turtles, amphibians, alligators, manatees, and invertebrates. Many of these images have appeared in Audubon field guides and encyclopedias and appear as reference images in books, aquariums and natural resource agencies.

As a professional photographer/biologist, Doug has traveled with the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History to the headwaters of the Amazon River in eastern Peru in search of fishes unknown to science. He’s joined Jacque Cousteau’s diving team to photograph fishes beneath winter ice in the northern Mississippi River. Doug is the author and photographer of two books of underwater natural history (first of their kind).

Signed hardcover copies $24.95 includes shipping. Soft covers $19.95 includes shipping.

His first book, “Underwater-The Northern Lakes”, University of Wisconsin Press 1977, revealed and explained the clear lake environments in the northern United States. His second book, “The Spring of Florida, Pineapple Press, Sarasota, 1994, photographs the underwater inhabitants and terrain of the clearest fresh water environments in the world.

Doug Stamm is an award winning member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers. He lives with his wife Lucy and their English setter in the Wisconsin River valley of south west Wisconsin.

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