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Privacy Policy

Please provide photo credits to downloaded images. All photography herein is by Doug Stamm unless credited to a contributing photographer named in the Keywords listed with purchased images.

All contents of this site are the exclusive intellectual property of llc and are protected under United State and International Copyright laws. No images herein are in Public Domain. Purchased images may not be digitized, stored, copied, altered, transmitted or re-used without written permission of Doug Stamm. Purchased images may not be resold as stand alone images or purposely distributed as downloads from purchaser's web site. Watermarked images are available as free downloads for comp and layout purposes.

Copyright interests are vigorously protected by llc. Unauthorized photo use and/or copyright infringements are tracked and user invoiced at Three Times industry standard and/or prosecuted for copyright infringement. By purchasing images from llc buyer agrees to the above terms and policy and understands the agreement and obligations between the parties hereto.

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All photographs are the property of and are protected under US and international copyright laws and may not be reproduced, stored, manipulated, and/or digitized without the written permission of